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  MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads that Close  
  We can provide you the highest quality lead at the most economical price by CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLE MAN. We supply many leads to lead companies, who in turn, sell our leads for a profit. In fact, you might even be buying from one of them right now. Therefore by purchasing directly from us, you get these same, high quality leads, for less..here is a brief sample of what our clients have to say...  
  Mike Garr writes...Holy Smokes Batman! You guys delivered in a big way today FOR ME.

I have been struggling for several weeks trying to get just 5 opt in's a day in my box. I've been on hit exchanges, solo ads, banner ads, other CO OPS, classifieds - you name it I've got something going on AND money going out. Exactly one hour after you sent me notice that my order was confirmed I had 12 Opt-ins in my funnel. That may not seem like alot but it was HUGE to me.

I certainly understand that an Opt in doesn't mean a sale but you did get me positioned to make one and FAST. Frankly, that is all I asked of you. My RFS system takes over from there and handles the rest. I can't wait to see what the next several day brings.

Thank you BigAction Media - YOU rocked!

  Jordan d. from Seattle,Wa. writes... " My name is Jordan deRoulet and I am a retired US Marine E-7. I just returned from my last duty in Iraq in mid December only to find no jobs here in Seattle. I got involved in a terrific home based program and with the help of your great leads have been able to start a whole new career and support myself and family!
I really appreciate how easy the order process is as well as the very timely delivery of your leads. They are all well qualified and seem to be waiting for my call! I also like all the different pricing and modification options like area code or gender specific!
Again Thanks for helping me get my life and future back in my control!
God Bless and Semper Fi!."

Jerry & Lallie S from Hawaii writes..."I'd like to tell you how much I like "Big Action Media" leads. First of all, I get results with them! The leads are fresh, and when I make contact with the prospective clients, they don't tell me that someone else from my company has gotten there before me or they are inundated with other sales presentations.

The quality of the leads bring to me a more serious entrepreneural type of person and the source of the leads are from all time zones in the U.S.

"Big Action Media" leads arrive daily . The format for the information is exceptionally helpful, and I print each lead separately, so I can keep notes on individual progress.

My office is on the Mystic, a custom built 65 foot blue water sailing ship, currently berthed in Honolulu, Hawaii, and my success is primarily due to "Big Action Media". I thank you for your role in it."

  Richard T from Michigan writes... " I have used many sources for Telephone Interviewed Leads and I have to say that the leads provided by Big Action Media have been the best ROI for me and my partners."  
  Charles F. from Nevada writes..."These are by far some of the best leads I have ever used and I would know as I have been very successful in the online marketing arena the past few years.”  
  Marc C. from Texas writes..."I strongly feel that these leads have been the major factor in growing my associates business as well as my own, I would recommend these leads to anyone who is serious about building an online business."
  L. Alan from Nevada writes... "The results I received from BigActionMedia's Real Time Leads blew me away. I started off with only 20 leads for $45 and more than 12X my investment THE VERY FIRST DAY! The leads are extremely responsive and genuinely interested in a legitimate opportunity. Having the ability to talk to a prospect almost the very instant they request information puts you at a much needed competitive advantage. Now I have my entire team buying Real Time leads from Big Action Media."
  Ilias Kone from Montréal writes..."Firstable I really appreciate the care your customer service provide to your customer. Awesome! I tested tonight 50 'EIGHT QUESTION SURVEY LEADS - Canada' and the leads are more responsive. It was a good night for my first introductory call. Here is my result: 10 messages left on the voice mail, 2 are not interested, 38 want to know more information about my program."

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