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Real Time Leads - Australia
Now, get REAL-TIME leads, the absolute BEST leads for calling!
Now, you can talk to prospects the very instant they have expressed an interest in receiving info on a home business. No more calling someone that has already talked to ten other network marketers or someone who requested info so long ago they have forgotten about it.
Real-time leads mean that the instant a prospect fills out a Survey Form on the internet, expressing interest in a home-based business and hits the "Submit" button, that info is emailed to you. If you're fast, they may still be on that website when you call them! Now, that's a hot lead.
Each lead comes with the following information:
Name, full address, email and phone number
Best time to call
Reason they are looking for a home-based business
How much money they are willing and able to invest in starting a home-based business
Their interest level
How Many Hours Do They Have To Invest Each Week
Desired Monthly Income
Date of Birth
Date/Time Stamp & IP Address
" These are by far some of the best leads I have ever used and I would know as I have been very successful in the online marketing arena the past few years." - Charles F.

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Choose Monthly Auto Ship During Check Out and receive 20% additional
leads free for every month you stay on auto-ship

New! For Redirect (Pre-enrollee Leads) add $2.00 per Lead

For State Specific Leads add $1.65 per Lead

For Exclusive Leads add $2.25 per Lead

Minimum Amount to Invest: $500 - $750 add $0.50
Minimum Amount to Invest: $750 - $1,000 add $0.75
Minimum Amount to Invest: $1,000 - $2,000 add $1.50
Minimum Amount to Invest: $2,001 - $4,000 add $2.50
Minimum Amount to Invest: $4,001 - $6,000 add $3.50
Minimum Amount to Invest: $6,001 and Above add $4.50

For female Only add $ 1.00 per lead

Please Note:Each order includes, at no extra charge, a Back Office which allows a customer to: View their leads, Download their leads as a .csv file, Update Leads Sent Per Day, Pause their lead deliveries
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All Real-Time Leads will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days
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