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Real Time Redirect Leads - U.S. Only
Now, get REAL-TIME Leads pre-enrolled directly into the program you are working. In cases where we cannot pre-enroll the lead directly, the lead will be redirected to your specified website.
Now, you can talk to prospects the very instant they have expressed an interest in receiving info on a home business. This lead is generated through High Quality Search Engine Optimization means, The lead is then redirected to your specified website, after filling out the Survey Form.
Real-time Pre-Enrollees leads mean that the instant a prospect fills out a Survey Form on the internet. The lead is redirected to your specified website.
Each lead comes with the following information in addition to a Back Office:
Name, full address, email and phone number
Best time to call (leads are from the U.S.)
Reason they are looking for a home-based business
How much money they are willing and able to invest in starting a home-based business
Their interest level
How Many Hours Do They Have To Invest Each Week
Desired Monthly Income
Date of Birth
Date/Time Stamp & IP Address
"This is NOT your typical Pre-Enrollee lead, where you receive just name and email. This lead comes complete with Full Data and complete Answers to EIGHT Survey Questions. Not only that but you also get a Back Office.
Plus I can talk with the prospect the minute they finish filling out the form. Combine that with the fact they have already seen my website makes these leads a slam dunk. I would definitely recommend these leads to anyone, as the results have been phenomenal." - C. Small
Pre-Enrollees (Redirect) Leads - U.S (QTY)
(Semi Exclusive)
Price Each
0-10 $
11-99 $
100-249 $
250-499 $
500+ $
For EXCLUSIVE Real Time Pre-Enrollees Leads (U.S. only) add $2.50 to price above.

Minimum Amount to Invest: $1,000 - $2,000 add $2.00 to price above.
Minimum Amount to Invest: $2,001 - $4,000 add $3.00 to price above.
Minimum Amount to Invest: $4,001 - $6,000 add $4.00 to price above.
Minimum Amount to Invest: $6,001 and Above add $5.00 to price above.

For Gender Specific Leads add $1.00 to price above.
For Area Code Specific Leads add $1.00 to price above.
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