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Weight Loss - Survey Leads
These leads are of the Highest Quality as they are generated through Web Positioning, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Affiliate Popup Advertising. These leads are responding to an offer for a FREE weight-loss consultation.. We recommend calling these leads for best response.
Real-time leads mean that the instant a prospect fills out the Weight Loss Survey form on the internet, expressing interest in Weight Loss and hits the "Submit" button, that info is emailed to you. If you're fast, they may still be on that website when you call them! Now, that's a hot lead.
Each lead comes with the following information:
How much weight would you like to lose?
Why do you want to lose weight?
What was the last weight loss program you tried?
"I'd like to tell you how much I like "Big Action Media" leads. First of all, I get results with them! The leads are fresh, and when I make contact with the prospective clients, they don't tell me that someone else from my company has gotten there before me or they are inundated with other sales presentations. " -Jerry S.
FIVE Reasons to Buy NOW:
High Response Rate
Customers will be awaiting your offer
Cost effective yet highly responsive
Can also be used for phone calling
Web Form generated
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Note: Each Exclusive Real Time order (not aged leads) includes, at no extra charge, a Back Office which allows a customer to: View and Download their leads.
To Order, Click Here to Access Our Secure Shopping Cart:

Weight Loss Leads will normally be processed within 7 - 10 Business Days

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